By Sameh Selim: China is preparing for the Belt and Road

Mr. Sameh Selim

China is preparing for the Belt and Road

By Sameh Selim- a member of the USPS

China is now establishing the political infrastructure and putting the final touches to the Belt and Road Initiative in the areas that it will pass through to reach its products to the target markets, but some objections may stand in the way of the Belt and Road initiative, which is the overland Silk Road, which starts from China and ends in the West, passing through several countries in the Middle East and Asia. Central and the sea route, passing through the Arabian Sea, the Bab al-Mandab Strait, and the Red Sea, crossing the Suez Canal to North Africa and southern Europe.

Paving the land and sea roads and paving them requires securing these roads politically first between the leaders of these countries and militarily and security in tightening security control to secure commercial convoys across the two roads. This is what China is seeking and is currently doing to serve its economic interests. It has sponsored reconciliation between Saudi Arabia and Iran and is trying to play a mediating role in the initiative Peace to end the Russian-Ukrainian war, which exhausted the global economy in general and the Chinese economy in particular and affected the exports of Chinese factories to international markets. It also sponsors reconciliation between Egypt, Turkey, and Syria. If you look at the map, you will find these countries are in the Belt and Road Initiative.

And here is a decisive point: will history repeat itself, and will the Kutahya Peace Treaty be repeated in Ukraine with different countries, people, and times, so history brings us back after Ibrahim Pasha Ibn Muhammad Ali Pasha, ruler of Egypt, over the Ottoman armies, and his arrival to the outskirts of Europe, so European countries hastened to curb Muhammad Ali's expansionist ambitions by concluding a peace treaty Kutahya in 1883, when the Ottoman Sultan ceded some lands to Muhammad Ali, such as Syria, Adana, Crete, and the Hijaz, in return for the evacuation of the Egyptian army from the rest of Anatolia.

I believe that China will sponsor an agreement similar to the Kutahya Treaty in Ukraine that will eliminate Russia's expansionist dreams in eastern Europe and give Russia sovereignty over some of the regions it has already seized to establish a balance by paving the Belt and Road initiative and paving and securing the Silk Road.

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