Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) delayed more than 10,000 flights

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) delayed more than 10,000 flights

The chaos continues from the collapse of the FAA system as passengers experience over 10,000 delays and over 1,000 cancellations (despite the agency's claim of "no unusual delays or cancellations")...but how will that affect you?

Passengers are still stuck Thursday morning on the east and west coasts.

All major airports, including JFK, Los Angeles, Miami, and Atlanta, had problems Thursday.

It comes two days after a computer crash brought American Airlines to a halt.

The data showed more than 10,000 delays and more than 1,000 cancellations.

Thousands of travelers are still facing flight delays and cancellations after the FAA system went down -- although the agency says "operations are back to normal."

Passengers were still stuck Thursday morning on the eastern and western coasts and across the central states.

Major airports, including JFK, LAX, Miami, and Atlanta, ran into problems two days after a computer meltdown that experts fear could last into the weekend.

The data showed that there were more than 10,000 delays across the country as well as more than 1,000 cancellations.

Angry clients vent their anger across the states at missed family events and return to their studies.

The Federal Aviation Administration's Notice to Air Missions system crashed Tuesday night due to a corrupt file in its database.

"FAA operations are back to normal, and we are not seeing any unusual delays or cancellations this morning," the agency tweeted Thursday morning.

But data from independent flight observers still shows thousands of delays and cancellations across the country:

Delays and cancellations continued to cripple the US East Coast Thursday, with major airports such as New York and Atlanta affected.

At LaGuardia Airport, there were a total of 51 delays in, in, or out of the United States. Meanwhile, there have been six total cancellations in, in, or out of the country.

Daniel Davido, 40, was planning to visit family in Atlanta but got stuck at New York's LaGuardia Airport during massive turbulence.

"These people are driving me crazy," Davido told the Wall Street Journal.

He said the gate agent rescheduled him to another flight four hours after his original flight and described the ordeal as "extremely frustrating."

At JFK, there were 54 delays and two cancellations. At Newark Liberty International Airport, There Have Been 60 Delays And 11 Cancellations (FAA)

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