By Mr. Sameh Selim: Italy is the starting and ending point for the European Union

Mr. Sameh Selim

Italy is the starting and ending point for the European Union

By Mr. Sameh Selim

Member of United States Press Agency (USPA)

The European Union began in Italy during the Renaissance. It was the starting point with the emergence of successive nationalities and the idea of ​​unifying Italy by nationalist movements, thinkers, and politicians such as Joseph Mazzini, Victor Emmanuel, Gariba, and others. Then the infection spread to the rest of Europe during the Renaissance and the subsequent political movements and industrial revolution.

As Italy was, in the past, the country of Roman civilization and the leader of enlightenment, art, culture, and law, it has now become the endpoint for the European Union after the deterioration of the economic and social situation not only in Italy but in all of Europe. Due to several reasons, not only the Russian-Ukrainian war or the Corona crisis, we will stand in. This article deals with the natural, old, and real causes that no one has ever touched on.

The first and most important reasons are the corruption of the Italian consulates and their employees, whether Italian or non-Italian, who received bribes and gifts in exchange for issuing visas for the past 25 years without supervision. The consular employee has immunity, so no one can approach or try him.

The second reason was the overlap between religion and the state. We all know the Vatican State. It is an independent state within the Italian state, and at its head was Pope John Paul II at that time, whose tolerance and love for illegal immigrants led to flooding the country with these people and finally making them legal and then moving from Italy to the rest of the European Union. The Vatican was, at that time, a haven from the prosecution of the authorities in Europe in general and Italy in particular.

The third reason is the cultural and social invasion and the change of European identity in general and the Italian one in particular, followed by an economic and social collapse such as services provided to citizens and residents alike.

The fourth reason is illegal immigration across the Mediterranean, whether through North Africa, Turkey, or Greece. In the end, I think confidently, as Italy was the starting point in the past. It will be the endpoint for the European Union, with the new Prime Minister Georgia Meloni obtaining a majority and her access to power, which is a pivotal turning point for the Union European.

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