By Dr. Marian Tadrous: The immigrant crisis and the confusion of the American administration

The immigrant crisis and the confusion of the American administration

By Dr. Marian Tadrous

Twenty-one months have passed since President Joe Biden became president of the United States of America, and there is still a broad base of thousands of legal immigrants waiting to fulfill his promises regarding immigration reform. Instead of things going well, things have gone worse for a broad base of legal immigrants who came to the United States of America six or seven years ago to apply for asylum. As is customary, this category was granted a work permit while remaining on a waiting list for all these years until the Immigration Affairs Office interviewed them to decide their case.

Legal immigrants are now experiencing a bottleneck as they challenge Republican states such as Texas and Florida governors. They were receiving refugees from the southern borders and sending them to northern states such as Washington DC and New York to contribute to creating more crises in these states that are not ready to receive large numbers of illegal immigrants.

In light of this challenge, legal immigrants who have applied for residency for many years are paying a heavy price as a result of the Ministry of Immigration's cessation of renewing work permits for them, renewing driver's licenses and identity cards, or even setting an appointment to meet them at the immigration office.

This chaos and confusion in dealing with the immigrant file have caused an absolute humanitarian disaster for thousands of immigrant families working in America for years, paying taxes, and seeking legal compliance in all their transactions. Poor planning, ignoring this category now, and denying them to renew their work permit or interview with immigration officers have caused them to stop working legally, look for cash work that doesn't require them to pay taxes, and have no choice to meet the high living expenses.

This na├»ve policy in dealing with legal immigrants will lead to the loss of millions of dollars annually to the US government as a result of the tendency of this category of immigrants to work as cash. Who is interested in harming immigrants and the American economy and causing all this chaos in American society?

The main question for President Joe Biden, who called in his election campaign to support immigrants, Is whether these legal immigrants will be tolerated and treated similarly to illegal immigrants?

Will legal immigrants pay the price for the floundering US policy in dealing with the immigrant crisis?

How long will things remain like this? No one understands where it is going and will continue.

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