By Mr. Sameh Selim: Promising African Tigers

Mr. Sameh Selim

Promising African tigers

By Mr. Sameh Selim

The repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian war still cast a shadow on the destructive and painful events that the whole world suffers from, not only Europe but the severe and direct effects on Europe first and then the rest of the world gradually according to the place and the economic and strategic importance of the various countries in different continents.

The positive side of this war, which must be mutually benefited by the two sides, Europe and Africa, is to help Europe, the old continent to Africa, the young continent, to rise together from this economic slump. Indeed, in the pre-war period and the Corona crisis, promising African economic tigers, began the difficult financial journey with economic reform and paved the way for infrastructure and energy for investment, such as Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, South Africa, Angola, Rwanda, and other countries of the continent. These are promising, vivid models that need advanced technological and industrial help.

And now, the decisive moment has come for Europe to extend a helping hand to Africa, forcing it to get out of the crisis. Indeed, we pass ready with energy, infrastructure, political, security, and financial stability, raw materials, oil, gas, iron, gold, green diamonds, phosphates, manganese, copper, black and white sands, cobalt, and timber, in addition to water, vast lands and employment. Young cheap, and clean renewable energy sources

The choice in this matter lies in that if Europe wants to move away from economic ties with China and Russia, the alternative is indeed the promising African tigers, which, if allowed to cooperate with Europe and the United States, would be a quick way out of the current crisis and would remain for generations to come in the long run.

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