Biden: The USA is the first country to offer COVID-19 vaccines to kids six months old

Biden holds a baby in the vaccination clinic

Biden visits the church clinic and celebrates COVID shots for children under five

President Joe Biden visited a vaccination clinic in the Holy Eucharist Church in Washington DC to celebrate that nearly all Americans can get a COVID-19 shot after approving vaccines for children under five over the weekend.

Biden visited an immunization clinic in Washington, where some of the first vaccinations were given to young children in the last large age group ineligible for vaccinations, praising it as a landmark of the pandemic that will support the country's recovery. While anyone aged six months and older is eligible for the vaccines, the department warns that it expects the frequency of injections for younger children to be slower than for older children, as parents rely on their pediatricians to give them.

"The USA is the first country in the world to offer safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines to children as six months old," Biden said at the White House.

Biden also leveled veiled criticism of Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, who has banned his health department from ordering and delivering childhood vaccines in his state, a move the White House said has delayed making vaccines available to children under five.

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