By Mr. Samy Beshay: How can you behave if you have a car accident?

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How can you behave if you have a car accident?

- You must remain completely calm in the event of a collision with your car as a result of a car accident, adhere to the rules of etiquette and check on the other party or parties to the accident.

- In the event of any bodily injury to any person, call number 911 must be expedited to expedite the assistance of the injured.

- You must exchange car insurance information between the parties to the car accident and obtain sufficient information regarding the accident and its circumstances, such as name, address, phone number, insurance company name, insurance policy number, car license number, description of the car or cars causing the accident such as the brand, model and color, and take pictures as much as possible to show the damage for the vehicle.

It is necessary to obtain the data of any witnesses to the accident, such as the phone number or another means of communication, to take their testimony if necessary.

- Contact the insurance company to report the accident and start a claim to repair your car and cover treatment costs if there are bodily injuries. The insurance company will send you Adjustor to view the damage and assess the cost of repairing the car. You can contact your insurance company or the company of the other party involved in the accident or with the two companies simultaneously. If it is not clear who was at fault in the accident, please note that if you didn't have a responsibility in the accident and your insurance policy is comprehensive and you contact your insurance company

Your insurance company will deduct the Deductible amount from the amount of the Claim. Your company will refund the Deductible amount after collecting the amount of the Claim from the insurance company of the wrong party.

- You should contact a lawyer specialized in car accident compensation if there are bodily injuries, explain what happened in detail to your lawyer, write down the treatment bills that resulted from the accident, and write down any work or study malfunctions due to the accident, including any time you spend receiving treatment, and limiting any estimated sums of money paid to repair The car and you can get an estimate of the cost of repair.

- Always remember to keep all papers and bills related to repairing the car, as well as all expenses associated with treating injuries resulting from the accident, including bandages, medicines, renting cars or taxis, or any losses resulting from the accident.

- You are legally required to complete and submit a Report (SR1) within ten days started from the date of your car accident, regardless of who is at fault, if the amount of damage to any vehicle or property exceeds $750 or if the accident causes bodily injury or death God forbid.

With my best wishes to you, dear driver, in peace and security.

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