Things your preschool teacher/daycare worker hates, according to a childcare worker

Things your preschool teacher/daycare worker hates, according to a childcare worker

"Stop sending your child to eat candy or cake [or] junk food, unless you plan to [buy] all [] the kids in class some of them. 

"It's not my job to protect your child's clothes. We paint, we get dirty. Stop wearing expensive clothes for your kids. Side note: Know your child's size. I'm so sick of trying to fit a size two shoe into a size four foot."

"Brush your teeth. OMG, I can't count how many children [who hold their breath] can strip paint in the morning."

"Don't get mad at me because you didn't pay the tuition, and I can't let your child come. I love your child, I am. But this service is not free. And I don't own the place."

"Keep your baby's cubicle full of diapers, wipes, and extra clothes. it is more annoying than having to search the center for extra clothes to fit your baby when I've been begging you for months for clothes."

"Get your kids on time. I have a family too and worked all day too. And pay, without arguing the late fee."

"Don't send your child to preschool in pajamas and outfits and fancy clothes — clothes that are not appropriate for the weather. I just [caused] your child to miss [playtime] outdoors. Also, flip flops are not shoes."

"Don't blame your child's teacher for your child's bad behavior. We don't like telling you [that] your child had a bad day. We're asking you to get on the same page. Tip: Most misbehaving kids will be kicked out of three daycares." Before Kindergarten, this is very difficult for your child."

The other child care workers were in complete agreement

"I've worked in preschool care for over 25 years, and this list hasn't changed," one Redditor wrote an angry face.

"I've been out of business about 14 years ago and have loved it for the longest time, but I'm never going back, so I respect whoever does," another Redditor said.

One Redditor added the eleventh entry to the original poster's list: "11: Don't over-dramatize goodbyes. Prolonging makes your child cry. Why? So you, as a parent, feel lost and appreciated? This isn't your child's job. You want to feel good?" Until you make your child feel upset? take the child on a regular schedule – don't be late!"

While we may never hear aspects of a parent's story in response to this topic, it is easy to see that being a childcare worker is not an easy task. Hopefully, parents everywhere can learn a tip or two from the point of view of these professionals.

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