Lakefront house looks like a boat sold for $750,000 - take a look inside

The outside of the home surrounded by trees on the left and the living room with a ship steering wheel and windows overlooking the water on the right

Lakefront house looks like a boat sold for $750,000 in Michigan - take a look inside

The house looks like a boat from the outside as well as from the inside.

According to this listing, a Michigan home in the shape of a steamer is on the market for $750,000.

A wide shot of the house on the water.

The five-bedroom house was built during the 1930s, as if you were on a boat, too.

The views of the lake and the steering wheel in the living room make you feel like you are at sea.

Between Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay in Michigan, a house in the shape of a boat sells for $750,000.

The unique home looks like a ship out of the bluff and is used as a family gathering place.
It's nautically designed inside and out, making it feel like a "playground" in the 50s and 60s when Barbara Bom Frithy spent her childhood summers at home.

An avid sailor, William Baum built the house in 1935 with the help of family and friends, according to his granddaughter Barbara Baum Frithy.

While he was not happy with his career, Bohm Frithy loved sailing and owned several old wooden boats.

Baum Frith said that William bought the land and designed a house in the shape of a steamer that comes out of deception. According to Bohm Frithy, William built the cottage with the help of his children and a friend of theirs who was a carpenter, who added that they completed the house in one year—by 1936.
Left: The grandfather smokes a pipe RIght: grandfather sails a boat
William Baum, the home's builder

Baum Frith said her grandparents lived in the house year-round, and she stayed there in the summer with her family.

Barbara Bom Frithi's old family photos show her cousins ​​and grandfather in the cottage.
Two photos of bedrooms side by side.
The Baum family home in the 1950s and today

The kitchen with wooden walls, floor, and ceiling, window on the left

Baums sit at the original table in the dining room

Inside the living room, there is a steering wheel and a view of the lake out several windows
A recent photo of the living room. 

Another room in the home with a long, thin blue rug and a door at the end of the room

She said her grandfather built the nautical-style table and hung a picture behind it. Both are still at home.
According to the listing, there is a bedroom on the main floor, two bedrooms upstairs, and two bedrooms downstairs.
Bohm Frith said the house is unique because it creates the illusion that you are at sea with a steering wheel in the living room and expansive windows overlooking the water.

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