A father and his son cry when the "miracle" baby is placed in their arms

The father and his new baby

A father and his son cry when the "miracle" baby is placed in their arms: "The most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

A father and son's emotional reaction to meeting their "miracle" born daughter/sister spreads and brings millions to tears.

Posted on the Instagram account @baby__adorable but filmed initially and uploaded by dad, the touching shots quickly garnered millions of views and thousands of comments.

Now, just like the teenage siblings who broke down in tears the moment they met their newborn brother, the emotionally vulnerable video is stirring grief across the world.

According to Joao's video, his newborn daughter Giovanna was a "miracle" for whom the family had prayed so hard.

His Instagram video caption reads: "After I had our first child David, I became sterile. It was impossible to be a dad again without sperm production. My wife Carolyn was healthy and also dreamed of having another child. He even healed me." Lord Jesus and gave me life so that I could generate another energy.

"The birth of Giovanna is not only a blessing for our family but also for all those who dream one day to live the miracle that only Jesus can do. We pray every day for a miracle. I was a father again without any artificial procedures. Glory to God! All these feelings for The miracle that took place; my wife is healthy and delighted!"

Now, little David, baby Giovanna and their dad Joao are warming hearts everywhere with their touching story and inspirational videos.

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"This made my heart overflow…."

Thousands of Instagram users shared their feelings in the comments on the beautiful video.

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