Mass shot in Memphis Kruger supermarket killing one and injuring at least 13


'Memphis Kruger employee' shoots at supermarket killing one and injuring at least 13 as shoppers hid inside freezers before shooting himself.

The shooter who shot a Kroger supermarket in Collierville, Tennessee, is believed to be an employee.

Several workers said they recognized the shooter, who was not named as an employee.

However, Police Chief Del Lane has not confirmed whether the shooter was employed as they worked to determine a motive. The police report said that one person was killed and 13 injured in the shooting.

At least four of the wounded were listed in critical condition

At least nine victims were transported by ambulance to the First Regional Hospital

As of Thursday night, at least one victim was undergoing surgery for her injuries, and another was transferred to the intensive care unit.

The gunman later killed himself.

The police chief said this was the 'most terrible event in Collierville's history.'

The cops were still investigating the shooter's car and personal items left in the parking lot.

On Thursday, the shooter who killed one person and wounded 12 others at a Kroger supermarket outside of Memphis, Tennessee, is believed to be an employee.

According to Action 5 News, a current non-working employee said Thursday that a co-worker identified the shooter as a Kroger employee, and a family member of another employee also said the shooter was a Kroger employee.

But at a news conference Thursday night, Collierville Police Chief Del Lane declined to confirm whether the shooter was a store employee or the type of gun used, saying those details were part of the investigation.

He said, though, that "there is no credible evidence that there was a second shooting." 

He added that authorities are still finding out the motive and have not yet identified any suspects.

Authorities said the shooter killed himself after a rampage. Several store employees hid in freezers and locked cupboards while terrified.

As of 4 p.m. local time, four people were listed in critical condition at Regional Hospital 1. Five of them are in a non-critical condition.

According to the New York Times, Baptiste Memorial Hospital in Collierville has also received one discharged patient, and the Baptist Memorial in Memphis has received two.

Dale said one of the victims was undergoing surgery, while another was admitted to the intensive care unit.

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