Tax-Free Shopping in Virginia and Maryland


Tax-Free Shopping in Virginia and Maryland What you need to know

Shoppers in Virginia and Maryland can expect to save some money when the two states begin their tax-free vacation.

Sales tax credits are a period that allows customers to make specific purchases without having to pay state and sometimes local sales taxes.


According to the Virginia tax website, eligible items include:

School Supplies - $20 or less per item

Clothes and shoes - $100 or less per item

Portable Generators - $1,000 or less per item

Gas-powered saws - $350 or less per item

Saw Accessories - $60 or less per item

Other Hurricane Preparedness Items - $60 or less per item

Eligible Energy Star™ or WaterSense products purchased for non-commercial home or personal use - $2,500 or less per item

With crowds, it's essential to check mask rules and suggestions in your area. Governor Ralph Northam recommends that people across the Commonwealth wear a mask indoors and in public places across the state.

Eola Gaber, an employee at Lakeshore Learning, a teacher supply store in Alexandria, said many customers came through its doors on the first day of the Virginia tax holiday.

"They want to welcome the students back," she said. "They know a lot of students have had a tough year. So, they do anything and everything they can do to prepare their classes to go."

On Saturday, the crowds continued at Leesburg Premium Outlets, where they had a crowded car park all day and a steady stream of shoppers crowding the stores for stocking.

Many shoppers said they plan a whole year around the tax-free weekend.

And he's had even more incentive this year to get out as the kids go back to physical classrooms.

Jeff Gordon said, "Last year, we knew that most of it would be virtual. So, right now, it makes sense for us to get out."

"It's exciting," Jalbert said, referring to the new school year. "We are nourished by the excitement that others feel."

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