Anthony Fauci reveals disturbing new warnings about COVID

Dr. Fauci

Anthony Fauci reveals disturbing new warnings about COVID

It has just been revealed that Dr. Anthony Fauci has released alarming news about the coronavirus pandemic.

Fauci believes last year's nationwide lockdowns likely won't return but warned that "things are only going to get worse" during an interview on ABC "this week."

"I don't think we will see lockdowns. I think we have enough people in the country - not enough to crush the outbreak - but I think it is enough not to let us get to where we were last winter. But things may be going to get worse if people did not get the vaccine." 

That's what Fauci said "This Week" host Jonathan Karl on Sunday. He added the following:

"If you look at increasing in the number of cases, the seven-day average has gone up exponentially. You know what we need to do, John, we say it repeatedly, and that fact, there are 100 million people in the united states who are eligible for vaccination and have not been vaccinated.  We see an outbreak of unvaccinated disease."

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