By Mustafa Hamam:They don't understand politics

Rashed El Ghanoshi

They don't understand politics

Written by / Mustafa Hamam

When Tunisians elected the Ennahda movement in Tunisia (the terrorist Brotherhood group), many Egyptians attacked this choice, pitying Tunisia and the Tunisians from the black fate awaiting them at the hands of the terrorist group and also for the rejection of the vast majority of the Egyptian people for all that is my Brotherhood after the experience of a year of their rule delayed Egypt One hundred years.

At that time, he wrote, saying: The choice of peoples must be respected, and let them try, and I am confident that the educated and civilized people of Tunisia will pronounce them.

I also said that the Renaissance movement would fail as the mother organization in Egypt died. This was not a wish, but I was confident in that for the following reasons:

1. The Brotherhood's eagerness to preserve government chairs is the same as their eagerness for life, for they are hungry for rule and control.

2. Compensation for years of persecution at Habib Bourguiba and Zine El-Din Ben Ali, the two former presidents of Tunisia. Compensation here is represented in the monopoly of power and psychological and material reward.

3. Their hatred and hostility to the peoples they belong to, and their description of them as infidels, if they do not follow them.

4. A strong focus on  ​​establishing an Islamic caliphate and putting the international organization plan into practice, which affects the entity and existence of any country.

5. The rule of the Brotherhood makes the people suffer the most from successive crises.

6. Assassination of every person holding a dissenting and influential opinion.

The most crucial point is that they "do not understand politics." States are governed by politics, not by religion, nor by coercion and keenness to neutralize and defeat the other opinion.

Perhaps the best example of this from the history they believe is the war between Ali bin Abi Talib and Muawiyah bin Abi Sufyan. Muawiyah did not win by military force or by the spirit of faith. Instead, Muawiyah won through politics and political cunning led by Amr ibn al-Aas, his ally from his tribe, Banu Umayyah. The Umayyad state was established with Damascus as its capital and lived hundreds of years.

Because they do not understand politics, it was easy for people to discover them quickly; in Egypt, they only lasted a year, in Libya, they could not control the rule of the rest of Libya after the Libyan people dropped them in the parliamentary elections and did not recognize them. Libya turned into an arena for civil war and a hall for gathering The terrorist Brotherhood group. In Tunisia, they continued for ten years under democracy and the constitution and the enactment of laws that benefit them in empowerment.

And because they do not understand politics, they played the dirtiest games behind the religious cloak, relying on the peoples' respect for religions. They dropped the peoples' awareness from their calculations, so they fell.

 Because they do not understand politics, Ghannouchi, the leader of the Ennahda movement in Tunisia, went out to call on all his followers to take to the street and sit in front of Parliament. When this call failed, and only dozens of his followers responded, he called for a dialogue between all political forces. This call will fail because the political parties if they are political, will flee from any scene led by the Brotherhood, which is rejected by a popular majority.

And because they do not understand politics, imagine that they will remain in power for many years like their leader Erdogan. They forgot that Erdogan first turned his country into a country similar to the countries of Europe to join the European Union and implemented the policy of empowerment in stages in a long period because he is a capable politician, there is no doubt about that. He showed the usual ugly face of his terrorist group.

The next time will not be the best for the terrorist Brotherhood, and we will see a hidden and open war for survival. In the upcoming article, I will discuss what is expected of the Libyan Brotherhood to support its faction in Tunisia.

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