Canadian travelers can currently travel to the US - but not drive - here's why?

Will you travel to the United States? The rules are still in flux

Canadian travelers can currently travel to the US - but not drive - here's why?

Land borders, such as the Douglas Peace Arch border crossing in Surrey, British Columbia, have been closed to travelers entering the US from Canada since March 2020. Canada has announced to allow fully vaccinated Americans to enter the country and skip quarantine; only the US said Its side of the land border would remain closed to non-essential travel until at least August 21

American tourists eager to visit Canada received welcome news Monday when the federal government announced that it would soon reopen its doors to fully vaccinated American citizens. However, some Canadians eager to cross the US land border felt short of change, as no mutual agreement was announced.

Below are the current rules for entering the United States, including what is subject to change.

US travel rules

In March 2020, Canada and the United States agreed to close their shared land border to non-essential travel.

The United States decided to allow Canadian travelers to enter by air, while Canada prevented American tourists from entering by transportation.

It was widely assumed that - when the time came - the two countries would announce a joint reopening of land borders, but this did not happen.

The Canadian government announced Monday that, on August 9, fully vaccinated Americans can enter Canada and even skip quarantine. However, the US government has had nothing new to report, except that it reviews existing travel restrictions.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said  in Hamilton on Tuesday."Every country should make its own rules about how to keep its citizen.

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