Biden administration could officially drop its opposition to the pipeline today


Republicans criticize Biden's "complete surrender" to Putin by bringing down opposition to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that runs from Germany to Russia.

Biden administration could officially drop its opposition to the pipeline today.

The pipeline of direct natural gas to Germany from Russia only had approximately 62 miles until its completion in early June.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton called the White House to move a "fatal mistake."

Trump's Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, upped the ante, calling it a 'tragedy.'

Other prominent Republicans and one Democrat have also expressed their opposition.

The overriding concern is the effects of operating the pipeline on Ukraine, which currently receives about $3 billion annually from Russia for gas transit.

Ukraine's president is scheduled to visit the White House in August, says Jen Psaki

Psaki's statement also affirmed the United States' commitment to Ukraine's 'energy security.

The Biden administration is expected to abandon years-long US opposition to a new natural gas pipeline between Russia and Germany early today, drawing a swift response from senior Republicans.

On top of the "cost" of American jobs, Cotton claims the move empowers Russia and "severely undermines our allies such as Poland and Ukraine, who Joe Biden now pressures to remain silent."

Senator Ted Cruz said that amounted to Biden's complete "surrender" to Putin on Twitter.

Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton said the decision was a "fatal mistake" that would hurt Ukraine and US jobs.

Former Secretary of State Pompeo said the pipeline would give Russia' tremendous influence' over Germany's energy sector.

Officials in Washington and Berlin have reportedly reached an agreement that would allow the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which was about 62 miles away from June, to finish construction.

US officials under Presidents Obama and Trump have opposed the pipeline, saying it would boost Moscow's influence throughout Europe.

Nord Stream already includes one pipeline that runs from Russia to Germany. Both are owned by the Russian state gas company Gazprom.

The pipeline will allow Germany to bypass the existing natural gas route.

Trump's Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox Business on Wednesday that the sudden shift in the Biden administration's policy is a "horrific tragedy" that benefits only two parties - the Russian oligarchy and German elites.

It undermines the Ukrainians; it undermines our friends in Poland; it undermines the United States and NATO. "Now the Russians have a tremendous influence on German energy," Pompeo said.

"Imagine in a time of conflict if things went wrong - imagine what the Russians would do with that."

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